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Art and Community Content Curator
Wisdom Collective Member (Clara Healing Institute)

Amber has a bachelor's of art in art therapy and a Master’s of Science in art therapy with an emphasis in clinical counseling. Amber has a passion for community work and focuses on using therapeutic interventions to help children who have experienced trauma. She currently privately contracts with the city of Milwaukee running SEL and regulation groups and works for Bloom Art Therapy. See more information on school programming here. 


Art and Community Content Curator
Wisdom Collective Member (Clara Healing Institute)

Kadijiha has a bachelor's degree in marketing and communication from Alverno College. Kadijiha pursued a career as an Account Executive at creative agencies around Milwaukee.  Kadijiha also has extensive volunteer experience with Americore, Redcross, and Habitat for Humanity. She currently volunteers on disaster with RedCross, with her local Habitat for Humanity chapter and worked for Americore during hurricane Harvey. 


The creation of Brush Box has been a long time coming for Kadijiha and Amber, who first met as Community Advisors during their undergrad years at Alverno College. Since then, Amber and KaDi have used their superpowers for the greater good. They started as dorm advisors and focused on building a community within the residence halls that would last long after their CA year, though their journey rapidly evolved into doing even more for the community.


While studying Clinical Counseling and Art Therapy, Amber realized how beneficial incorporating the superhero directive was. Patients were able to uncover their hidden capabilities and discover how talented they truly are. Paired with Kadijiha’s love for crafts and superheroes, we created Brush Box.


Brush Box is all about channeling your inner creativity and celebrating your unique self.

When was the last time you let your imagination run wild?

Have you celebrated your superpowers lately?


Dive into a one-of-a-kind adventure that lets you do both with Brush Box.

We’re Milwaukee natives and we love giving back. If you’re an organization looking to bring Brush Box to the individuals you serve, let us know!



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