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Celebrating Women's History Month: Women-Owned Businesses in Milwaukee

A Brush Box Founders, Amber Thomas and Kadijiha Jones

March is Women’s History Month, an opportunity to celebrate the achievements and contributions of women throughout history. As a women-owned business, we’re passionate about celebrating women entrepreneurs here in Milwaukee, WI.

How Can You Support Women-Owned Businesses in Milwaukee?

One of the best ways to support local women entrepreneurs is by purchasing. However, times are tough, and buying from every small business you want to support is not always possible. It’s always helpful to follow businesses on social media, share their posts, and tell your friends who would appreciate their products. 

A Brush Box is out and about at lots of Milwaukee-area community events. Word-of-mouth is an incredibly valuable marketing tool for small businesses owners, so we appreciate any time someone shares our posts about events or stops by our booth to say hi! 

We enjoy celebrating Women’s History Month all year long by patronizing our favorite women-owned businesses in Milwaukee and beyond. Join us in supporting these fantastic small businesses that provide excellent products and services.


Below are just a few of our favorite Milwaukee-area women-owned businesses.

Tootsie's Tea

Tootsie's Tea sells custom blends of flavor-packed loose-leaf tea. Lizz offers teas that represent her background, like Navajo Sage and Honduran Coconut. She tries to source locally as much as possible and even grows some of her own ingredients. 

To other women entrepreneurs, Lizz would recommend, “Prioritize self-healing & personal growth as essential elements of your journey. Whether you're watching a YouTube video, reading a book, crafting, journaling, or simply unplugging, make time for self-care. If you put self-care on the back burner, your business will suffer, which will only lead to more stress.”

Lizz’s favorite women-owned businesses include:

  • A Brush Box

  • Modern Maki

  • Greige

  • Naya Fine Pastries

  • Classy Girl Cupcakes

Naya Fine Pastries

Naya Fine Pastries is an online-based Latin-fusion bakery selling baked goods like cakes, cupcakes, and pastries. 

Naya would whisper to other women entrepreneurs, "Don't fear diving into the adventure! We're all in this together, creating a future filled with amazing, fierce, and unstoppable women. Let's sprout, grow, and always have each other's backs with love and kindness. We're like mermaids swimming against the tide, getting stronger and bolder with every stroke. And who knows, maybe a sneaky little mermaid is secretly watching, ready to dive into a whole new world!”

Naya supports many women-owned businesses and is proud not to be walking the path of entrepreneurship alone. She patronizes:

  • Tootsie’s Tea

  • Nostalgia Mexiaca

  • Pink Apron

  • Emepresaria Cosmetics

Indigo Thyme

Indigo Thyme sells handcrafted soaps from the Bronzeville Collective. Their small-batch products are made with the freshest ingredients. Indigo Thyme focuses on quality and aesthetics, making its products luxurious and perfect for sharing or gifting.

Seven28 Beauty

Seven28 Beauty is a black-owned beauty supply company focused on curating products for all skin and hair types. Run by a licensed esthetician, all products are reviewed and tested to ensure the highest quality products.

Seven28 aims to inspire self-confidence and embrace individuality. The brand believes in personal beauty products to promote self-care as a tool for transforming self-perception. Seven28 is committed to providing excellent customer service while providing a customizable product experience.

About A Brush Box

Amber Thomas and Kadijiha Jones handcrafting kits

A Brush Box is a community-focused, therapeutic arts company that curates hand-packed art kits and develops art programming throughout Milwaukee. Founder Amber Thomas is an Art Therapist who uses her knowledge of therapeutic techniques to curate activities that combine the joy of creating with moments of regulation and reflection. 

Amber Thomas is a practicing artist who explores a mixture of mediums and subjects, primarily focusing on watercolor portraiture. Amber's profession as an art therapist has encouraged the exploration of not only different materials but also how to evoke feeling and expression through art. She enjoys experimenting with drying times, layering, and mixed media.

Limited Edition Women's History Month Box

Every kit is unique due to its hand-packed nature and contains a guide that encourages creative exploration. We love being a part of community markets because we are able to connect with families, social workers, helping professionals, and community members who are seeking a creative outlet. Our kits are appropriate for ages 3-100 and are priced with accessibility for all populations in mind. 

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re launching a special women-owned businesses box, including products from a few of our favorite Milwaukee small businesses. The box will include Lavender and Chamomile Tea from Tootsies Tea, Lavender and Chamomile Room Spray from Indigo Thyme, and Body Balm from 728 Beauty.

Order your special Women’s History Month box today, or come visit us at an upcoming event in the Milwaukee area to purchase one in person.


*This list is not designed to be exhaustive — there are many more women-owned businesses in the Milwaukee area that we support and adore. Discover more of our favorites — and suggest your own — by connecting with us on Instagram.



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