So much drip that every hero will be flying in style. This exclusive box has brown shaded figures, staple beauty supply store accessories, and an exclusive loc hair pack. This box will surely add a little magic to any occasion.

Drippin' In Melanin Brush Box

  • This Brush Box includes the following:

    • 4 brown shaded heroes [ 2 females &  2 males ]
    • 5 pieces of exclusive sparkly melanin card stock*
    • 4 half pieces of standard color cardstock
    • Melanin Exclusive pipe cleaners 
    • Melanin Exclusive pom pom balls 
    • Melanin Exclusive Sequins 
    • Melanin Exclusive Feathers
    • Melanin Exclusive Jewelry Pack
    • 1 piece gold plastic lace
    • 1 piece of Melanin Exclusive tulle
    • 2 pieces  of Melanin Exclusive ribbon 
    • 2 pieces of Melanin Exclusive fabric  
    • 2 Melanin Exclusive glitter packs
    • Two toned brown embroidery floss
    • 1 Pack of beauty supply store accessories
    • Slice of vellum paper
    • 2-D accessory pack 
    • 2-D cutout weapons pack
    • Small rubber bands
    • Wood pieces
    • Piece of cellophane 
    • Melanin Exclusive Loc Hair pack

    *female heroes can be gender neutral